OpManager MSP

Build No 125375 - April 08, 2021

  • OpManager MSP : ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration has been introduced in this version of OpManager MSP. With this, users can easily log the alerts generated from OpManager as tickets in their ServiceDesk Plus MSP instance.

Build No 125361 - March 24, 2021

  • OpManager MSP : There was a websocket connection issue when Probe name contained a space. This issue has now been fixed.

Build No 125324 - AJanuary 08, 2021

  • OpManager MSP : Websocket connection between Central & Probe has been optimized.

Build No 125323 - January 05, 2021

  • OpManager MSP : Previously, the discover device option was enabled in the getting started page of MSP Central, even if the probe was not started. This issue has now been fixed.
  • OpManager MSP : An issue related to special characters in Probe name has been fixed.
  • OpManager MSP : Customer based filter is now available in the Notification Profile creation while choosing devices.
  • OpManager MSP : Previously, the customer rebranded values were not reflected in the respective probes. This issue has now been fixed.