Remote monitoring and management

Businesses of all sizes can find it tricky at times to keep their network under control and running smoothly 24/7. It requires staying constantly vigilant, devising and reevaluating efficient strategies from time to time. And things get complicated when the IT department isn't provided resources to complete these tasks.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is the brewed solution for this problem. RMM can come in handy for maintaining networks, as it enables networks to be remotely monitored and managed. Businesses with multiple branches—with multiple networks fanned out across the globe—or a managed service provider (MSP) that has multiple client networks to watch can benefit from implementing RMM.

How can remote monitoring and management tool aid with your day-to-day tasks?

RMM is software that helps in monitoring, managing, and identifying faults in network endpoints effectively. RMM tools provide a platform for IT service providers to know and standardize protocols for all tasks, as well as track, monitor network de and automate maintenance functions. RMM tools will monitor network systems in remote environments, providing alerts about issues at a preliminary level. This reduces the escalation of bugs or other problems and ensures that they're attended to in a timely fashion.

With WFH and other remote work options becoming prevalent, it's becoming more important than ever to secure businesses against unsecured internet networks, weak passwords, unsafe file sharing portals, and other potential threats to remote setups. A RMM tool comes in handy when working in environments that support remote setups where users can readily access and secure devices and networks.

How will the future of business be shaped by MSPs and remote monitoring and management?

Let's discuss a few facts.

  • According to GlobalNewswire, by 2028, the managed service providers market is expected to reach $393.72 billion (at a 11.82% CAGR).
  • Further they have found that more than 60% of organizations will continue to seek help from service providers by 2025.
  • TSIA has found that managed service providers' average retention rate is 90%.
  • These stats paint a positive picture for managed service providers and their remote monitoring and management services.

Pick OpManager MSP, a reliable remote monitoring and management tool!

Remote monitoring and management

OpManager MSP is a tool created just for MSPs to squeeze optimal performance out of their client network devices. It helps MSPs take the load off their shoulders, allowing them to not spend too much time on things like performing repetitive tasks that don't require much human attention, and focus on averting network issues proactively, and more. This comprehensive remote monitoring and management tool serves a range of features powered by AI, and comes with customizable features for service providers to make their jobs easier. This tool gives MSPs a hand to deliver satisfied network management services to their customers and increase their business growth rates effortlessly.

Deep visibility into smallest details

OpManager MSP's robust visualization features allow MSPs to attain meticulous visibility throughout the multiclient environment. The tool furnishes detailed visibility into the networks of clients, encompassing device level, business level, geographical level, and network-issue level visibility. This makes MSPs easily understand their networks, enabling them to be confident that they'll never overlook a potential mishap—no matter how many client networks they manage or the number of alerts they receive.

Up-to-date performance tracking

OpManager MSP enables continuous monitoring of essential metrics for your multi-client network devices, allowing you to proactively identify and resolve network issues. This prevents the condition from spreading across the network and causing downtime. You can also observe device performance in fine detail through the use of widgets and dashboards. Additionally, you can periodically adjust network devices as needed to achieve peak performance.

Boost productivity with automation

Automating IT workflows can eliminate the need for human intervention in periodic tasks like device restarts, server maintenance, etc. These tasks, if performed manually, can take up a significant amount of a network administrator's time, leaving less time for more crucial tasks. In addition, automating tasks can prevent critical network issues from being overshadowed by frequent alerts. Therefore, it is advised to automate as many tasks as possible to enhance productivity and decrease the chance of human error.

Extensive reports to elevate performance

MSPs should analyze historical data and anticipate growth trends for optimum client network performance and business growth. They can also include periodic fine-tuning in their strategy. OpManager MSP's customizable and comprehensive reports allow service providers to easily predict and address performance issues and network faults. By taking proactive measures, they can prevent disasters and maintain a seamless multi-client network environment.

Efficient troubleshooting with ITSM integration assistance

OpManager MSP is a thorough RMM platform that effectively integrates with internal ITSM tools to provide assistance to MSPs in comprehensively resolving network issues. This integration enables the prioritization and quick fixing of critical issues without delay. The ITSM integrations also facilitate the escalation of any unresolved issues within the designated time frame, ensuring that administrators can address them promptly.


Effortless network configuration management

OpManager MSP includes a network configuration management (NCM) add-on that allows service providers to monitor configuration changes intricately and switch back to previous configurations if needed. Additionally, the NCM add-on aids in tailor making policies and meeting current industry standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, CISCO IOS, and SOX. One can easily address identified firmware vulnerabilities with the help of proposed patches as well.

Is the occurrence of network faults in your clients' networks stopping you from offering the best customer service? The solution to this problem is ManageEngine OpManager MSP. This RMM tool is equipped with numerous reliable features that enable you to supervise your clients' networks round-the-clock and prevent device malfunctions and performance issues. Still doubtful about its capabilities? Take advantage of our 30-day free trial to experience full potential of OpManager MSP.

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