Automatic XenServer discovery and classification

OpManager uses Xen API for discovering, classifying and monitoring Citrix XenServers. OpManager requires the details of the host server alone. From the host it discovers all the VMs and Storage Repositories (SR) associated to that host. Post discovery,for Citrix XenServer management OpManager uses the available devices templates to automatically associate all the necessary performance monitors to the host, VM and SR.

Citrix XenServer Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

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Active tracking of inventory and resources allocated

The biggest challenge that enterprises face with their virtual environment is VM sprawl. This can be avoided using Citrix XenServer monitoring tool that does an active tracking of all the VMs in the host and the resources allocated to each VM. The benefit with OpManager's Citrix XenServer monitoring is, it periodically monitors the host and VMs and their resources. It also keeps tracks of VMs that migrate from one host to another host via XenMotion. Learn 5 actionable tips to prevent VM sprawl.

Citrix XenServer Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine OpManager

Real-time Topology Map

OpManager's Citrix monitoring provides a live topology map that helps you understand and visualize the complex relationship between Host, VMs and Storage Repositories. The map shows the status and relationship between the devices in real-time.

XenServer Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

Comprehensive Citrix XenServer performance monitoring

OpManager out-of-the box monitors CPU, memory and network of Xen Host and VMs. Citrix XenServer performance monitoring lets you set thresholds for all the performance monitors and receive proactive alerts. In addition to these Xen specific monitors, you can also monitor services, Windows services, processes, files and folder, custom scripts, URLs and websites similar to other physical servers.

Citrix XenServer Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

Instant fault notification via email/SMS

OpManager includes an intelligent fault management module that notifies performance hiccups, downtimes, and faults via email and SMS instantly. You can also leverage workflow automation and self-healing scripts to automate fault remediation.

Monitor Citrix XenServer - ManageEngine OpManager

Identify underutilized resources on host and VMs

OpManager provides detailed information on the entire host and VMs and the resources consumed by it. This helps you to optimize the resources allocated and use the rest for other projects.

Citrix XenServer Management - ManageEnigne OpManager

Insightful reports on XenServer performance

OpManager's out-of-the-box,Citrix XenServer monitoring offers reports on CPU utilization per core, CPU overall utilization, network usage, disk I/O, memory usage/used/overhead, and much more.

Citrix XenServer Monitoring reports- ManageEngine OpManager

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