OpManager Rack Builder

Realistic 3-D Data Center

  • Create realistic 3D data center floors with racks
  • Play the data center view on NOC screens
  • Customize the floor size, floor rotation and camera angles of the virtual 3D data center
  • Rely on the color-codes to quickly assess the status of devices and identify faults
  • Monitor from anywhere using your iPad or other tablets and troubleshoot remotely

Drag-and-Drop Builder

  • Drag-n-drop devices to populate on virtual racks
  • Customize the rack size (42U, 38U, etc.) and device size (1U, 2U, etc.)
  • Embed the racks in OpManager dashboard and play it on your NOC screens
  • Quickly identify faults using the color-codes
  • Create both, front and rear view of the rack

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