Discovery and Classification

These are the questions asked during Discovery and Classification Training


  • Why can't I add performance monitors via Rule Engine?Performance monitors can be added only via device templates. It is the current design. We have plans to enhance it as "monitoring profile" in future so it can be applied via Rule Engine.
  • Make it sense to use layer2 discover without CDP?We can do it by LLDP based discovery but for Cisco CDP is recommended.
  • What is the role of this seed router?OpManager will query the seed device(mostly core switch with SNMP) and get all the neighbor devices to plot the layer 2 map.
  • Does REST API work with FreshService?REST API is for OpManager. Since the APIs are open, any third party tool can integrate with it, provided that third party tool has an option to call OpManager APIs.
  • If you have a notification profile associated with say the category Servers, and a new server is added after the profile was associated. Will the new server automatically be added to the notification profile that was previously associated with the category Servers, or will it need to be added manually?We can do it by Rule Engine. Please refer this link for more info about rule engine.
  • What will happen if we have virtual devices in a cluster. How we can be sure that we will monitor the devices even in the case that it moves to different physical computers of the cluster?If the IP/DNS of the VM is the same while moving , OpManager will continue to monitor it.
  • Imagine i want to skip all the windows pc when i discover network devices, my list shows unknown categoryUse discovery filter to exclude all windows devices by choosing ignore filter -> device type contains as 'Windows' and choose one more ignore filter for Unknown.
  • How I can discover and monitor only critical interface of switch like uplink or ten gigabit interface?We have an option to filter based on interface type like 'Ethernet' now and we will provide more filter like 10G interfaces soon.
  • How to rediscover IP address in network devices?Choose existing devices option in Network discovery and choose the devices based on category.
  • Can I modify DomainController category?Yes, You can change the category in device snapshot page.
  • How shall i discover cisco l2 switch?Yes, if any device that responds to SNMP we can add this in OpManager by giving proper SNMP credentials. If there is no exact device template for this then please refer this link to create custom device template for the same.
  • Is there any site, where i can see the custom made templates publically?yes,
  • What happens if i accidentally delete VMwareVirtualMachine template or some monitor of it, then how do i re-add the monitor or the entire template?You can import this template using import option. Please click export this option under device temlate it's present before delete button in demo.opmanager.com.
  • Can a device be added, just for the ability to ping test, without SNMP or WMI. I have vendor devices on my network, that I do not have SNMP or WMI on. I just need to to Ping these devices?Yes. It is possible. Please discover the device & OpManager will do an ICMP ping periodically and update the device status.
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