Add Device Failure Message

Is an error stopping you from adding new devices to OpManager? Here is a list of error messages and the corresponding reasons on why a particular error is triggered and solutions on how to resolve them.

Device not reachable


When the device you are trying to add is not pingable, this error is displayed. It is triggered when you are attempting to add a device using its device name. 


OpManager searches for the device using its device name and pings the device. If the device name is not found, this error is displayed. This can be fixed by avoiding typos in the device name.

Note: When adding the device using its IP address, the device gets added even though it is not pingable. But its status is classified as "Device not monitored". OpManager periodically pings this device and when it is available, it is added and classified accordingly

Device already exists in OpManager


This error is caused by one of the following reasons

  • Same display name is used for devices with different IP addresses.
  • The IP address and display name of the new device is same as an existing device.


When using the same display name for multiple devices with different IP address, make sure to disable Unique System Display Name (Discovery > Discovery Settings > Unique System Display Name)

Make sure devices with the same IP does not exist in OpManager.

Network IP not allowed


This error is displayed when the network IP and device IP are the same.


Network IP turns out invalid when the IP that is standard to a network (.0) is configured for a device. Check for typos and make sure the correct value is entered.

Ensure the Device IP doesn't match the Network IP when it is fetched automatically.

Cannot add device. This edition of OpManager does not support adding more than {n} devices


Your device has run out of licenced devices that can be monitored. Here, {n} indicates the number of device that has exceeded the licencing limit.


Delete/Unmanage unwanted devices to make room for the new ones or purchase a licence that can accommodate a larger number of devices.

Add Device Failed - Device Name : Problem in adding the device, please contact support with support information file


This error is exclusive to SNMP devices. This error is triggered even though the device you are attempting to add is pingable. The reason this is happening is because the Sysname turns up empty when trying to fetch the device details.


Sysname is a mandatory field, make sure this field is populated before attempting to add the device. To verify the status of the Sysname, query the SNMP device to check if the SysName (. returns a value.

Unable to add device. The given IP address already exists as a subnet.


The IP address of the device to be discovered may be available in OpManager as a subnet address.


In OpManager, an specific address cannot be used both IP address and Subnet. The required device can only be added if the device IP doesn't exist as a Subnet in OpManager or if the 'DNS Name' of the device is resolved.

Other messages

Device addition might take a longer time than usual. Please check the Inventory after some time.


  • The device would have responded slowly to the OpManager server's request.
  • Due to the large number of interfaces in the device, the time taken for device addition may be longer than usual.


Check whether the device is reachable from the OpManager server continuously and without any hindrance. Also ensure that there is no delay in the protocol response chosen for the corresponding credential that is associated with the device(SNMP, WMI, etc). In some cases, the device would have been added in OpManager, but not notified. Please check the Inventory after a few minutes of discovery to make sure the device is added.

Device Discovery has been initiated

The message 'Device Discovery has been initiated' will be displayed when two or more devices are discovered at the same time (separated by comma) via 'Add Device'. In such cases, the mentioned devices will be added into OpManager without an additional message confirming the completion of the discovery process. These devices will be listed under Inventory once the discovery progress notification shows the completion status.