Adding a new VoIP monitor


The source and the destination devices should always be a IP SLA responder enabled Cisco device.

Steps to set up a new VoIP monitor

OpManager performs the UDP jitter operation to proactively monitor the VoIP quality between Cisco devices. The UDP jitter operation simulates continuous VoIP traffic to consistently monitor the voice quality scores between the source and the destination devices. Using OpManager, you can now monitor the voice and video quality of a 'call path'. Call path is the WAN link between the router in your main office and the one in the branch office that you want to monitor.

Step 1: Enable Add (/discover) the router in your LAN to OpManager. And make sure the SNMP read and write community are configured properly, for that router.

Step 2: Enable SLA responder on the destination device you wish to monitor. The steps are detailed below.

  1. Open a CLI session on the destination router and enable the EXEC mode as follows:

  2. Start the global configuration mode:

    Router#configure terminal
  3. Enable the IP SLA responder:

    Router(config)#ip sla responder
    Router(config)#ip sla monitor responder
    (Note: Enter any one of the command to enable IP SLA responder as it varies according to the IOS versions.)
  4. Repeat the above steps for all the destination routers on which you want to monitor VoIP performance.

Step 3: Creating the VoIP monitor:

  1. Go to NetworkIPSLAVoIP monitor → Click on Add VoIP monitor at the top right corner
  2. Enter a name for the monitor.
  3. Select the source router from the list of routers discovered in OpManager, and select the relevant interface.
  4. Specify the destination router either by using the 'Search' option to pick from the discovered routers, or use the 'Add' option to specify the IP address of the destination router and submit the details.
  5. You will see the summary of the monitor you are about to configure. Now click 'Save' to submit the details to the device. This will take few seconds to configure.

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