Adding WMI-based Custom Monitors

In addition to OpManager's default monitors, you can also create your own monitors for the WMI-enabled devices in your network.

  1. Go to Inventory → Devices and then select the device on which you wish to add a custom WMI monitor to open its snapshot page.
  2. Click Monitors → Performance Monitors → Actions → Add monitor.
  3. Select the required WMI class, and OpManager will list the performance counters available under that class.
  4. Along with the counter, you can also select the instance of the counter that you wish to monitor.
  5. Once you've selected the counters and the instances, click Add to add the monitor to the device.
  6. You can also add a WMI custom monitor for a single device, by navigating to the device's Snapshot page and clicking on Monitors tab → Actions → Add WMI monitor.