Changing Web Server port in OpManager

You will be prompted to change Web Server port during installation. You can also change it after installation.

The script for changing the Web Server port number, ChangeWebServerPort (in Windows this will be a .bat file and in Linux, .sh file) is available under the <OpManager Home>/bin directory.

The steps to change the port number are as follows:

  1. Stop the OpManager server. If you are running OpManager as Windows service, stop the service.

  2. Open Command Prompt as Administrator, and navigate to <OpManager Home>/bin directory. Then, execute the following command:
    In Windows,
    ChangeWebServerPort <new_port_number>

In Linux,
sh <new_port_number>

Here, new_port_number is the one where you want to run the Web server now.
  • Start the OpManager server.