Performance Monitors:

Whenever OpManager discovers UCS devices, UCS performance monitors are automatically associated with it. Thresholds can be set to receive alarms, when breached.

 To set thresholds for a performance monitor,

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Category -> UCS and go to the Snapshot Page of the device.
  2. Go to Monitors. Performance monitors would already have been added to the device.
  3. Select the monitor that you wish to edit.
  4. Configure Monitoring Interval, Units, Threshold Details and click on Save.


OpManager sends alarms if the threshold levels are breached.






To add performance monitors for more than one UCS device,

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Monitoring -> Device Templates
  2. Locate UCS device template
  3. Input the Device Identifier (sysOID), query the device and add them
  4. Add the required monitor and configure threshold details.