Enabling/ Disabling Monitor & Status Poll for interfaces

OpManager allows you to enable/ disable mon and status polling of individual interfaces for routers & switches. The steps for the same are outlined below:

  • Go to Inventory and select the required router/switch
  • Click on the action menu (the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of the screen ) and select Configure Interfaces.

  • You will find the list of interfaces associated with the router/switch along with check boxes for Manage & Status poll

Status poll: Allow / disallow status polling to check the availability of the interface
Manage: Allow / prevent OpManager from monitoring the the thresholds for the interface.
If unchecked, the utilization, errors rate & discards rate for the interface wont be monitored and alarms will not be raised of they cross the threshold value.

  • Check the Monitor/ Status poll checkbox of the corresponding interface to enable Monitoring/Status poll for the same.