OpManager's settings help you perform a variety of the following operations. Click on the "Settings" icon in the top right corner of the page.

Automatic refresh

  • Auto Refresh: Enter the time interval at which the reports and dashboards must be auto-refreshed.
  • Session Timeout: Enter the timeout session for users. If the user does not perform any operation during the configured time interval, then the session will be logged out.

Configuring settings in OpManager

Change Password

  • To change the login password, click on the Settings → Change Password.
  • Provide the Current Password.
  • Provide the New Password.
  • Provide the new password again in Re-type password.
  • Click Save.

Configuring settings in OpManager

Language selector

OpManager is available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, French, German, Russian, Korean and Italian languages. The following are the steps to change the OpManager user interface from one language to another:

  • To change the OpManager language, click Settings icon → Language Selector.
  • Select your preferred language.

Configuring settings in OpManager

Displayed modules

The user can customize the visibility of add-on modules that they have access to, that is, they can show/hide specific modules while logged in.

  • Click on the Settings Icon -> Displayed Modules to change visibility of modules available to you.

Configuring settings in OpManager

Keyboard Shortcuts

Click Client Settings icon → Keyboard Shortcuts. 

/ Global search
SHIFT + D Home Dashboard
ALT + I Inventory
ALT + A Alarms
ALT + M Maps
ALT + W Workflow
ALT + V Virtualization
ALT + C Clear Alarm
ALT + L View Logs
ALT + Q Submit Query
ALT + SHIFT + A About
ALT + SHIFT + S Screenshot feedback

Configuring settings in OpManager


The REST API access will be disabled by default. You can enable it by clicking on the toggle button, and the API key will be displayed below.

Configuring settings in OpManager

ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus software can be integrated with OpManager using this shortcut

  • To integrate ServiceDesk Plus with OpManager, click Settings icon → ServiceDesk Plus
  • Configure all the required parameters.
  • Click Save.

Take a tour

Clicking on the take a tour option gives you a brief overview of the product navigation pertaining to moving and resizing widgets, adding or deleting dashboards, and much more.

Signing out as current user from OpManager client

  • To sign out as current user from OpManager client, click Client Settings → Sign Out.

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