Configuring System Settings

The following system settings can be enabled/disabled by the users.


Date and Time Format Settings: Select the required format for the date and time displayed in OpManager web client.

Benchmark Statistics: Data collected from the OpManager community is presented to the user for benchmarking their performance. Click on the community tab to know more.


Usage Statistics: We collect statistical data pertaining to quality, stability, and usability of the product from every installation with an intent to enhance the product quality. The collected data will be used as a whole during the analysis and we won't share this data with others. This feature is enabled by default. If you don't want your data to be collected, you can disable it any time.


Show Ads: Displays the ads from ManageEngine in the OpManager login UI.


Show QR Code: Displays the QR code of a particular OpManager client URL


Alert Notifications: Displays alert notifications at the right bottom of the client


Logging: For quick troubleshooting of monitoring issues, you can now enable detailed logging for SNMP,WMI and CLI monitors and debug prints. This logs the relevant requests to devices and helps troubleshoot.