Deleting performance monitors

1. Deleting a monitor from Device Template page:

Removing SNMP monitor - Device template page
  • Go to Settings → Configuration → Device template.
  • Navigate to the template of your choice, and click to edit it. You can find the list of monitors associated under 'Monitors' tab.
  • Click on the bin icon next to the monitor you wish to delete and click 'Save'.

Deleting a monitor from this page is reflected instantly and the devices that will be associated with that template in the future, but it still remains in all the devices that have been already associated with that template. To apply the changes to all these devices, click on 'Save and Associate' button in the Edit device template page.

Save and associate - Device template page


2. Deleting a monitor from Performance monitors page:

Only custom monitors created by the users can be deleted from this page.

  • Go to Settings → Monitoring → Performance monitors and switch to 'Custom monitors' section from the dropdown menu.
  • Scroll to the custom monitor you wish to delete, & click on the bin icon next to it.
Removing SNMP monitor - Performance monitors page

Deleting a custom monitor from here removes it permanently from OpManager, and from any device/device template that has this monitor configured already.


3. Deleting a monitor from the device snapshot page:

Removing SNMP monitor - Device snapshot page
  • Navigate to the device you want to delete the monitor for in the Inventory page, and click on it to view the snapshot page.
  • Click on the 'Monitors' tab.
  • Click the bin icon next to any monitor to delete it.

Removing it from the device snapshot page will only de-associate that monitor from the particular device and will not affect other devices or the device template in any way. You can also bulk delete multiple monitors by selecting them and clicking the bin icon (Delete selected row) below the monitors list.

Bulk delete monitors - Device snapshot page