Discover Add-On Devices

In OpManager Plus or OpManager with Add-on enabled, the devices added to the add-on modules such as NetFlow, NCM, Firewall and OpUtils were not only listed under their respective modules but also discovered and listed under the OpManager Inventory as 'UnManaged'. Every time the OpManager service is restarted, these devices kept automatically showing up in the Inventory even upon deletion or if a new flow (in case of NFA) is generated. These unmanaged devices listed alongside the actual devices discovered via OpManager, caused confusion by jamming the Inventory page with junk/ghost devices.

To address this issue, 'Discover Add-on Devices' page has been introduced under the Quick configuration Wizard. The devices that sync from the Add-on modules such as NFA, NCM, etc., gets added to this page instead of Inventory. These devices wont be available under the OpManager Inventory, until and unless they are manually discovered from the add-on page. To enable this in OpManager, go to Settings -> Discovery -> Discovery Settings and 'enable' Discover Add-On Devices.

To manually discover these devices into OpManager,

  1. Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Quick Configuration Wizard -> Discover Add-On Devices.
  2. Select the devices you wish to discover and click on the Discover option on the top right corner. The selected devices will now be discovered and listed under the OpManager Inventory.
  3. Similar to normal device addition, availability polling will be done for the newly discovered devices and the device status will be based on the availability of the device.

  • When the discovery is initiated from 'Discover Add-on Module Devices' page, OpManager will use the associated credentials to classify the devices with the help of matching device templates.
  • If the credentials are not associated, choose the appropriate credentials and rediscover them from the Device Snapshot page or from Discovery profile -> Existing devices and start monitoring them.
  • The devices appearing under Add-on module devices page can also be discovered in OpManager by normal device discovery. Learn More