Discovering IPMI interfaces in OpManager

From version 125344, users can discover and monitor their IPMI interfaces in OpManager. Using IPMI, critical metrics of your server can be monitored even if it is down, thus ensuring you are kept updated about your servers' status all the time.

To discover your IPMI interface into OpManager, follow these steps below:

    1. Navigate to Settings → Discovery → Add IPMI.


  1. Select the vendor of your choice. OpManager currently supports Dell, HP and IBM vendors for IPMI monitoring, with either SNMP/Redfish API as the platform.
  2. Provide the host name/IP address of the IPMI interface, followed by its credentials. You can either create a credential profile and then associate it, or you can create a profile from the IPMI discovery page itself. Once done, click "Add device".
  3. The IPMI interface will then be discovered into OpManager. Once done, you can check its details from the Inventory page.
  4. To map new/existing servers to your IPMI interface, head to the corresponding Device Snapshot page and scroll down to the Managing Servers section (Navigate to Inventory -> Devices and then click on a device to view its snapshot page.)  All servers mapped to that IPMI IP address is listed here.
  5. To start monitoring the hardware of any of those servers via IPMI, click on the green 'Start Monitoring'icon and provide the IP address/Host Name and credential info of the device in order to map that server to the IPMI interface.
    • If the device is already available in OpManager, it will directly be mapped to the IPMI interface once you provide the device details and credentials.
    • If the device is not added into OpManager, it will be discovered now and then mapped to the IPMI interface.