Events table cleanup

The Events page in OpManager ( Alarms -> Events ) displays the events from various devices ( device up / down, threshold violation,credential failure, device not responding, VMware events etc ) along with their severity. The data displayed in this page is the top 10000 most recent events ( This is obtained from a separate Events table which stores a list of all the events ).

events table cleanup

  • Keeping into consideration performance factors, OpManager allows a single Events table to store only store 15 lakh records.
  • Every 6 hours since the start of OpManager server, OpManager checks if the number of records in the events table exceeds 15 lakh.
  • If the number of events in the events table is greater than or equal to 15 lakh, a new events table will be created and the existing events table will be removed based on some prechecks.
  • During the events table clean up process, whether or not the old events table will be deleted depends on the user defined parameter 'Recent Events will be maintained for the last' in the Database Settings page ( You can define the value for this parameter under Settings -> Basic Settings -> Database Settings ).
  • The precheck of whether the old events table is older than the value specified for 'Recent Events will be maintained for the last' will be performed at the 10th minute from the time of starting OpManager and at an interval of once in every 12 hours thereafter.
  • If you wish the events data to be stored for a longer period of time in OpManager, you can increase the value for the 'Recent Events will be maintained for the last' parameter. However, it is important to keep in mind that increasing the value will increase the number of event tables that are being saved and consequentially, you might see slowness in the performance of OpManager UI.