Google Maps:

OpManager allows you to integrate Google Maps and place the devices on the maps according to the geographic distribution. Please refer to the google licensing terms and pricing plans before you proceed further.

To configure Google maps

  1. Download this map file to your desktop.
  2. Map filed named is downloaded.
  3. Upload the downloaded map file in OpManager and enter the API key. (In case you do not have the API key, click on the link given above the API box in the client)
  4. Accept the terms of service and click on 'Submit'.

Adding Devices on the Google Map 

  1. You can zoom in/out the map and double-click on the location where you want to place a discovered device.
  2. A device list box pops up allowing you to select a device to be placed in that location.
  3. Select the device and click on Add.

You can also add the devices to the map from the device snapshot page.

  1. To select a device, Go to InventoryDevices and click on the device to access it's snapshot page. In the summary tab, click on the green colored menu button(on the top right corner).
  2. Choose Add to Maps option to add the device to the map.
  3. Once done, you can switch between the different views such as Road map, Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid (Satellite view with label) and save it accordingly in Maps and its corresponding widgets.

Viewing Device Details from Google Map

  1. Click on the device marker on the Google Map to see the device information popup.
  2. Click the device name/IP address on this popup to get into the device snapshot page.
  3. The popup also shows the device status.

Import/Export devices

  1. Import: You can import device to Google maps directly from a CSV file. OpManager will position them on the map as per the latitude and longitude details in the CSV file. However, only the devices that are already discovered in OpManager can be imported.
  2. Export: You can download the information of the devices that are placed on the Map including their geographic location (latitude and longitude) in XLS format using this option.

Deleting Devices from Google Map 

  1. Click on the device marker on the Google Map to see a popup.
  2. Click the Delete link on this popup to delete the device from the map.

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