Importing Trusted Certificates in OpManager

OpManager validates the trusted sources with the help of certificates in OpManager trust store. By default OpManager trusts all major CA signed certs. If a specific certificate or service has to be trusted, the certificate has to be added to this truststore.


‚ÄčNote: These steps are only applicable for OpManager versions 123181 and above.

1) Navigate to Settings-> General Settings-> Security Settings


2) Go to the Trusted Certificates tab.


3) Here you have 2 options to import certificates into trusted sources.

  • Fetch certificate from a URL reachable from OpManager server
  • Directly upload certificates as files or from a keystore/truststore.


4) If you choose URL and provide the url of the service you want to trust, you will be prompted to verify and import the fetched certificate. Click Import and it will be added to the trusted sources.


5) If you choose the second option, Certificate/ Trust Store file, then you will have to browse and select the files.

6) In the below case, certificate crt files are chosen to add to trust store. On clicking import, it will be added to OpManager's trust store.

7) In case you have a keystore / truststore / pfx of the source you want to trust, browse and choose the appropriate truststore file. Input the password and click Fetch.You will be shown a list of aliases availale in the truststore you can choose the ones you want and click Import.