Interface properties update scheduler

For versions 124162 and above, it is now possible to schedule automatic update of interface properties by enabling the Interface properties update scheduler option (runs in the background). By default, the scheduler is enabled only for direct installations and not for customers who have upgraded from previous versions (using PPM). Please contact our support team at for further assistance on enabling this option and its properties.

Interface properties that can be updated through the scheduler:

Property Description Default value
MONITORINGINTERVAL Period at which the scheduler updates the interface properties. 86400
IFALIAS An 'alias' name for the interface as specified by the network manager. TRUE
IFDESCRIPTION A textual string containing the product name, manufacturer name, and the version of the interface hardware/software. TRUE
IFNAME Holds the name of the interface as assigned by the local device TRUE
DISPLAYNAME Display name of the interface as shown in the Interface Snapshot page TRUE
ADMINSTATUS Admin status (ifAdminStatus) of the interface. FALSE
OPERATINGSTATUS The current operational state (ifOperStatus) of the interface. FALSE
PHYSMEDIA This variable states the physical media of this interface as reported by the SNMP agent. FALSE
HCTTRAFFIC Enable/Disable the 64-bit Traffic counter. TRUE
PHYSADDRESS Represents the media or physical-level address. FALSE
IPADDRESS Represents the IP address of the interface. TRUE
IFSPEED An estimate of the interface's current bandwidth in bits per second. FALSE
IFSPEEDIN The 'In Speed' (Bandwidth) of the Interface. FALSE
IFSPEEDOUT The 'Out Speed' (Bandwidth) of the Interface. FALSE

Important Notes:

  1. The below four parameters should always be updated with the same property (propval)
    • IFNAME
  2. The MONITOINGINTERVAL value is defined in seconds. It should not be less than 3600 seconds (1 hour).
  3. Only the managed devices will be included in the schedule. Interface parameters will NOT be updated for devices in the 'Unmanaged' state.
  4. Only the existing interfaces will be updated once the scheduler is initiated. The Newly added interfaces will be included in the next schedule run based on the 'MONITORINGINTERVAL' property value. 
  5. The scheduler will be initiated after 24 hours of restarting the OpManager service.

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