IP/DNS polling

Most network monitoring solutions use IP addresses to poll the devices and fetch performance data, but some network admins might want to poll their devices using DNS names of the devices. OpManager allows you to select whether you want to poll your devices using the IP address of the device or the DNS name. This setting can be controlled throughout OpManager or can also be configured for individual devices.

1. Global setting for polling mode

Go to Settings → Monitoring → Monitor settings, and select which mode you want to use to poll the devices in your network. Once you're done, click 'Save'.


Note: Changes in the global setting apply only for devices that will be discovered in the future. The polling method of devices already discovered will not be affected in any way.


2. Device-specific configuration

You can also configure this setting individually for any device. To configure it:

  • Go to Inventory and click on the device you want to change this setting for.
  • Click on the three-line menu and click 'Edit device details'. You can also click on the Edit button in the device summary.
  • Under 'Poll using', select the mode that you wish to use to poll that device and click 'Save'.


Note: The device-specific value always overrides the global value provided in Settings → Monitoring → Monitor settings.

Example: Consider you have 50 devices added into OpManager. If you have selected IP address as the global setting, but you've chosen DNS name for only 5 devices by changing it from the respective device snapshot pages, only these 5 devices will be polled using DNS and the rest of the devices will be polled using IP address.