Managing Faults in Network


There can various types of faults in a network. With the network health depending on various resources like the system resources, services, network connectivity etc, getting to the root of the problem is simplified when the monitoring solution raises meaningful alarms. OpManager helps you identify the fault quickly with its detailed alarms indicating the resource that is poorly performing in the device . The different types of OpManager alarms include:

  • Status-poll Alarms (device, service, interface, port down alarms).
  • Threshold-based alarms for host resources, response times etc proactive monitoring.
  • Alarms from SNMP Traps.
  • Windows event logs based alarms.
  • Syslog based alarms

OpManager monitors the resources for availability and performance and triggers alarms for all the criteria mentioned above. These alarms can also be sent as email or sms alerts from OpManager.