Monitoring Hyper-V Host and VMs

OpManageraids in comprehensive Hyper-V monitoring via WMI. It provides separate dashboard for Hosts and VMs, to have a quick view on its performance. It also offers a dedicated Snapshot page for the Hyper-V host, which provides comprehensive data such as Health, Inventory, Performance Reports, etc.

Some highlights of monitoring Hyper-V servers with OpManager:

  • Monitors effective utilization of critical resources like CPU, Memory, Network and Disk
  • Out-of-the-box offers 50 reports on Host and VMs
  • Automatically maps the migrated VMs to the corresponding Hosts

Apart from monitoring the Hosts and VMs, OpManager also monitors the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of guest OSs. Similar to that of any Windows or Linux server, OpManager monitors the applications, Windows & TCP services, processes running on the VMs using WMI/SNMP.

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