OpManager v12.4

Build No 124011 - April 11, 2019

  • General: Users can now enable or disable 'Chat support' option under settings.
  • General: 'Chat support' for Chinese language has been added.
  • General: In Reports, access to 'API Access' page under 'Audit' has been restricted for Operator type users.

Build No 124000 - April 09, 2019

  • JRE has been migrated to 1.8 and various vulnerabilities from JRE 1.7 have been eliminated. Highlights of JRE 1.8 migration:
    • OpManager: 2048 bit key length algorithm is supported for URL monitoring.
    • General: Cipher algorithms AES-192 and AES-256 are supported in addition to AES-128 algorithm.
    • General: TLSv1.2 protocol is now supported by default.

Highlights of OpManager v12.3

  • ServiceNow Integration: OpManager is now integrated with ServiceNow (provided as a default plugin). This integration allows you to log tickets on ServiceNow from OPM.
  • User Specific Dashboard: Users will now have their dashboard mapped to their profile. This unique dashboard can be customized based on the user's needs.
  • Windows and Hyper-V 2019 support: OpManager has now been upgraded to support Windows 2019 and Hyper-V 2019 devices.
  • Add Custom SNMP Monitor: Custom SNMP monitor creation has been added now. You can create/modify device templates to configure your own monitors for the SNMP-enabled devices in your network.

  • Storage monitoring: You can efficiently monitor and manage all your storage devices such as RAID and Tape Library with the help of storage monitor add-on. Its features include:
    • Real-time alert with email and SMS notification
    • Extensive reports to give you an overall idea of your network
    • FC (Fiber Channel) switches in your area can be managed
  • 8000 device templates: The number of device templates supported by OpManager is increased to 8000. They help with the initial configurations to classify the devices into pre-defined categories, and to associate monitors to them. You can modify existing templates or create your own as per your requirements.
  • Quick links - How tos and FAQs inside the product : How-tos and FAQs are added as quick links. These are positioned in-product to assist you in operating OpManager to its fullest.
  • Horizontal tab GUI: To enhance your user experience, we have added a horizontal view. This user-focused design is specifically introduced to minimize navigation woes and enhance user experience.
  • AlarmsOne integration: AlarmsOne is now integrated with OpManager. AlarmsOne can be used to manage all your alarms in one console. It makes alert management simple with features like criteria- based alerting, noise reduction, on-call scheduling, escalations, etc.


  • General database migration from MSSQL in Post Gre SQL: Previously we were only able to perform database migration from PGSQL to MSSQL. We have now added the ability to migrate the database from MSSQL to PGSQL.
  • NOC embed link (cascade view): This feature now allows you to generate a sharable embed link containing the NOC view. Click the regenerative private link button to generate a new link discarding the previously generated NOC.
  • SMS gateway added : OpManager now supports SMS gateway, allowing you to configure your own custom SMS gateway. After configuring the SMS gateway settings, create a notification profile to get alerted via SMS.