Configuration of Remote PostgreSQL in OpManager ( for versions below 12.5)

Download and install the appropriate version of the Enterprise PostgreSQL and follow the below steps.

Note: The below steps are applicable only for OpManager versions below 12.5 (PgSQL 9.2.4 to 9.4*)

1. Changes to be made in the pg_hba.conf file

  • Open the pg_hba.conf file from <InstalledRemotePgSQLHome>\data.
  • Replace the existing address value with the IP range that you wish to allow (ex: If you plan on listening to all the interfaces, specify the address as all and save the changes.  #IPv4 local connections:  
    #IPv4 local connections: 
    host all all <ip that is allowed to connect>  md5

2. Changes to be made in the postgresql.conf

  • Open the postgresql.conf file from the installation directory <InstalledRemotePgSQLHome>\data.
  • Change the value of listen_address to the IP that is allowed to connect (ex:, localhost) or just '*' if you wish to listen to all the network interfaces.
  • listen_address = <>

  • Save the changes made.

3. Creating a new database in the Remote PgSQL server.

  • Restart the PostgreSQL service.
  • Create a new database in the Remote PostgreSQL server.
  • remot-psql

4. Changes to be made in the OpManager Directory

  • Stop OpManager service and close all related operations.
  • Open the database_params file from <OpManagerHome>\conf.
  • Change the existing URL in the following format.
  • url jdbc:postgresql://<remotePgSQLInstalledIPAddress>:<PortNumber>/<DBName>

  • Enter the username and the encrypted password. 

    #login username for data base if any 
    username postgres 

    #login password for the database if any 
    #password <EncryptedPassword> 

    Run the encrypt.bat file from <OpManagerHome>\bin to generate the encrypted password. (For Linux machines, run the file)

     Execute <OpManagerHome>\bin\encryt.bat Password

  • Open customer-config.xml file from <OpManagerHome>\conf.
  • Change the Configuration value for StartDBServer as 'false'.
  • <configuration name="StartDBServer" value="false"/>

  • Save both the files and restart OpManager.