Scheduling Reports

OpManager allows you schedule a new reportschedule a generated report and also to view a scheduled report.

Schedule a new report

  1. Go to Reports → Schedule Reports.
  2. In the Scheduler Reports Page, click the Add Schedule button on the top right.
  3. Configure the following details:
    • Schedule Name: Configure a name for the schedule.
    • Choose Report Type: All the available reports types can be scheduled (select either one and follow the instructions given below followed by Configuring the Time Settings)

Scheduling Device Availability reports:

  • If you have chosen to schedule reports for Device availability reports and configure the following, Select either a category of devices, or the required business view, or select specific devices manually for generating the availability reports.
  • Select the Period and Time Window for which you want to generate the reports.

Scheduling Top N Reports / All Devices reports:

  • If you have selected to schedule the Top N Reports, configure the following details:
  • Top N Reports: Select from Top 10/25/50/100/1000 reports.
  • Period and Time Window: Choose the Period and Time Window for which you want the report scheduled.
  • Select Report(s): Select the required resource reports to be scheduled.
  • Generate Availability Report to all devices in this Business View: Select the relevant check-box and the business view to generate reports specific to the devices in that business view.
  1. Click Next
  2. Configuring the Schedule for generating reports:
  • Daily: Select the time at which the reports must be generated every day.
  • Weekly: Select the time and also the days on which the reports must be generated.
  • Monthly: Select the time, day, and the months for which the reports must be generated.
  • Report Format Type: Select either PDF or XLS to receive the report in the respective formats.
  • Report Delivery: Select any one of the following options.
    • Send report as attachment to: Configure the email ids to which the reports are to be sent as attachments. [or]
    • Publish the report and send URL alone to: Configure the url where the reports can be published.
    • Add Mail Subject and Mail Message
  1. Verify the details of the configured schedule and hit Add Schedule for the schedule to take effect.


Scheduling a generated report

  1. In the report page that is generated, click Schedule This icon to schedule the report.



  1. Enter the Schedule Name.
  2. Enter the Email ID to which the report has to be delivered.
  3. Select the Category followed by Business View
  4. Select the Period and Time Window.
  5. Select the Report Format (PDF or XLS).
  6. Select the Report Delivery Type (Attachment or URL).
  7. Configure the Generate Report at Daily, Weekly or Monthy.
  8. Click Save.



  1. Go to Reports → Schedule reports
  2. Click against the View icon on the required report that you wish to see.
  3. The list of generated reports for the selected report will appear.