Schedule Upgrade

Maintenance of network devices forms an integral part of network administration. You may want to perform a maintenance of specific device types at specific intervals. If such devices are removed from the network, or rebooted, then you will see alarms indicating that the device, or the applications in the device are unavailable. Since the devices are not available when polled for status during the maintenance period, unnecessary alarms are fired. To prevent the devices from being monitored for status during maintenance, you can schedule a maintenance task for such devices.


Following are the steps:

  1. Settings > Basic Settings > Schedule Upgrade
  2. In the Schedule Upgrade Settings, provide the following details:
    • Select the Status as Enabled, if you want the scheduled upgrade to take effect immediately. Else select Disabled, so that you can enable it when required.
    • It is scheduled to be Execute Daily At, specify the start time in hours, minutes then specify the date from which the task must be scheduled.
    • You can Enable or Disable email notification for the schedule upgrade

Click Save to execute the schedule as configured.