Migrating OpManager from one server to another

Here are the steps to go about migrating OpManager to a new server:

1. Please click on Support->About clicking on the Image icon at the top right of OpManager web client to make a note of the build number of the existing OpManager installation.

2. Take a backup of your existing database by following the instructions on the below link, https://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoring/help/data-backup-and-restoration.html

3. On the new server, download the same build of OpManager from the link below and install it: http://archives.manageengine.com/opmanager/

4. Install OpManager first and see if it starts fine, once it is started, please stop the OpManager service and proceed with the restoration process as stated below,
Copy the backup files to the new server.
Open a command prompt (as an administrator) & navigate to \\OpManager\bin\backup directory.
You can then restore the backup file using the RestoreDB.bat followed by the path of the backup file on the new server
For example :...\OpManager\bin\backup>RestoreDB.bat "D:\backup\BackUp_APR25_2010_01_17_21_8051.zip"
Once the restoration is complete, start OpManager service.

5. Copy the files AdventNetLicense.xml, petinfo.dat and product.dat from the OpManager/ Lib folder (For Version 12 and above) folder of your old server and paste in under the same location of the new server, restart the OpManager service and this will have your license updated.

Migrating OpManager from Linux installation to Windows installation

Migrating OpManager from Linux installation to Windows installation

1.On the Linux installation of OpManager, click About and check what is the build number of OpManager, download the windows setup of the same build from the link below and install it on a test machine.

2. On the older server installation, take a backup by running the BackupDB.sh file under \OpManager\bin\backup folder. Once the backup is a complete, a file named BackUp_FEB28_2005_15_51.zip [with the current date and time] will be created under \OpManager\backup folder.

3. On the windows installation, create a folder called backup under \OpManager folder and paste the backup file from the Linux installation.

4. Now run the RestoreDB.bat file under \OpManager\bin\backup folder on the windows installation with the arguments as below.

RestoreDB.bat "C:\Program
Provide the full path of the file

5. Once the restoration is complete, start OpManager.

Limitations of migrating to Linux from Windows:

  1. WMI based monitoring functionality is not available on Linux.
  2. Monitoring of MSSQL/Exchange is not available on Linux.
  3. Hyper-V monitoring does not work on the Linux server.
  4. Active Directory performance counter will not work.