About WAN Monitor

The WAN monitoring feature in OpManager is an add-on feature and requires license to run. The WAN monitor monitors the availability of all your WAN links, the Round Trip Time (RT) / Latency and the traffic details. Alerts are triggered when the set thresholds are violated, enabling the administrators to attend to the fault in no time.

OpManager uses Cisco's IPSLA agent to monitor the health and performance of the WAN links, and the prerequisite therefore is, that the device must be a Cisco router ( IOS version 12.3 or later) and it should have IPSLA agent enabled on it. Almost all the routers from Cisco are enabled with IPSLA agent and we support from IOS version 12.3 or later. The performance of the WAN link is measured by sending simulated traffic (packets of specified size) at a specified frequency. So the health of the WAN link / path is monitored round the clock . It helps the IT Engineer to proactively notice the problem. The Round Trip Time data is collected and persisted to measure the performance and also for reporting. Also, OpManager triggers alert when a Round Trip Time threshold is violated.

OpManager collects IPSLA traps for events triggered due to a connection loss or threshold violation for RT. When any such failure occurs, OpManager immediately triggers a Trace Route operation automatically to help the IT Engineer trace the fault to the exact hop. Further, the Trace Route report shows RT data for five different paths and 15 hops in a path. This enables you to troubleshoot and get to the root of the problem much quicker, resulting in very less downtime.

Besides this intelligent monitoring of the links across each hop, Netflow traffic reports also integrated in this new release. This enables you to identify any latency caused by the LAN traffic. You simply need to select all the WAN links / path to be monitored once and configure it. A sample trace route graph is given below:


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