Associating Script Monitoring Templates


Script Monitoring templates help you create custom scripts to monitor custom parameters .

Follow the steps given below to add script templates

  1. Go to Admin-> Script Templates (under Monitoring)-> New Template.
  2. Provide a name and description for the template.
  3. Configure the Monitoring Interval.
  4. Specify the Unit for the monitored parameter.
  5. Enter the command to run the script, as if provided in command prompt.
  6. Enter complete content of script file.
  7. Enter the time to wait for script execution completion.
  8. Select the machine from which you want to execute the script.
  9. Provide the details of the directory from which you want to execute the script.
  10. Click on Test Script to test the script.
    1. If required you can set threshold values:
    2. Configure the threshold value and select the match condition.
    3. Configure the Rearm Value.
    4. Specify the number of times the threshold can be violated consecutively to raise an alarm.
    5. Configure Alarm Message and Severity.
      To disable threshold, click Disable Threshold link.
  11. Click on Save button to save the template.
  12. Select the devices you want to which you want to associate this template, and move them to Selected devices column.
  13. Click on Associate button.
You have successfully created a script monitoring template and associated it to devices.

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