Create New Dashboard


Customizing Dashboard feature in OpManager helps you to create your own dashboard and view the desired performance metrics, reports etc at-a-glance. To create a New Dashboard follow the steps given below:

  1. From Dashboards tab, click on Action drop down menu and select New Dashboard. Create New Dashboard window opens [screen shot given below].

  2. Name: Enter a unique name for the dashboard.
  3. Description: Brief description about the dashboard.
  4. No. of Columns: Select the number of columns that you want to have in the dashboard. By default the number of columns is 2.
  5. Column 1, Column 2, Column 3 & Column 4: Enter the width of the columns in terms of percentage.
  6. Widget List: Select the Widgets that are to be displayed on the dashboard.
  7. Preview: Displays the preview of the dashboard.
  8. Click Create button.
A new dashboard is created and listed under the Dashboard drop down menu that is available in the Home page. 
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