Classification and Device Templates

During initial discovery, OpManager categorizes the network devices into servers, printers, switches, routers and firewalls. For proper classification, install and start the SNMP agent on all the managed devices.

OpManager comes with over 600 device templates which carry the initial configurations to classify the devices into the pre-defined categories, and to associate monitors to them. The device templates enables you to effect a configuration once and is applied to several devices at a time whenever there is a change.

The templates carry the information required to classify the devices and to associate relevant monitors. You can define your own templates and modify the existing ones.

Creating/Modifying Device Templates

  1. Go to Admin --> Device Templates
  2. Click ‘New Template’ to define a template for a new device type. Click the Template name to modify an existing one.
  3. Configure/Modify the following properties:

The classified devices are placed under different maps for easy management. For proper device classification, make sure you have installed and started SNMP in all the network devices before starting OpManager service.

The default maps include:

You can also add your own infrastructure views. Custom infrastructure views can be added to group devices which cannot be classified under the default views provided. For instance, if you would like to monitor some IP Phones, it will not be appropriate to classify them as servers or desktops.

This initial classification may not be accurate if

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