Active Directory Monitoring


Active directory monitoring feature takes OpManager a step further in proactive monitoring of Windows environment. The system resources of the Domain Controllers where the Active Directory (AD) database resides, and few critical Active Directory Services are monitored in OpManager.


To make AD monitoring more simple and easily accessible, The Domain Controllers are classified under a separate category under Infrastructure Views. The categorization of the device as a Domain Controller is done automatically if SNMP is enabled. The system resources of the device and the AD services are monitored using WMI.


The snapshot page of the Domain Controller shows a dial graph for AD Store in addition to the dial graphs for CPU, Memory, and Disk Utilization.


The other utilization data displayed in the snapshot page for the Domain Controller are:

Besides these, following are the AD Services monitors associated by default:

You can add more AD Monitors to be monitored by clicking the Add Monitor button.

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