Notifications via Traps

Configure OpManager to notify users over a Trap when there is a specific fault.

Steps to configure a trap profile:

  1. Go to Admin-> Notification Profile.
  2. Click on the Add New link in the Trap Profile widget.
  3. Configure a name for the notification profile.
  4. Provide the name/IP address of the host to which notifications has to be sent.
  5. Provide the trap listening port number of the host to which notifications has to be sent.
  6. Select the trap version, either v1 or v2c.
  7. Provide the community string for the trap(defaults to public).
  8. Select the trap variables that should appear in the notifications. To receive the traps, relevant OPMANAGER-MIB should be downloaded and made available in receiving host. You can find this MIB under the folder location (OpManger -> mibs)
  9. Click Save to create the profile.

You have successfully configured the notification profile.

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