Viewing Alerts

The Alarms tab in OpManager shows all the latest alerts.

From the list box on the top right corner, you can access the following:

  • All Alarms: A complete list of alarms is displayed here.
  • Active Alarms: This view lists only the active alarms that are not yet cleared.
  • EventLog Alarms: This view lists only the alarms that are triggered from Windows event logs as the source.
  • Syslog Alarms: This view lists only the alarms logged via syslog.
  • Trap Alarms: This view lists only the alarms logged via traps. 
  • Web Alarms: This view lists web alarms that are triggered via Notification Profiles. 
  • Events: This view lists all logged events from all types of alarms. 
  • VMware events: Under Events, you can also choose to view VMware events raised from VMware devices in your network (Visit this page to know more about supported VMware events in OpManager).
  • Application alarms: It lists down all the alarms raised for the APM plugin for application related events. Users can also view the application alarms under the All Alarms tab. 

  • Addon alarms: You will be able to view alarms raised for monitoring traffic flows, configuration changes and firewall performance under the Alarms tab, if you had purchased licenses to enable NFA, NCM or Firewall addons in OpManager. A separate tab for each of these addons is given under the Alarms tab.
  • Storage alarms: OpManager also has a storage add on and enables you to monitor the performance of a wide range of storage devices including RAIDs, FC swtiches and Tape libraries. All storage network related alarms will be listed under the Storage alarms tab.


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