Viewing Alerts

The Alarms tab in OpManager shows all the latest alerts.

From the list box on the top right corner, you can access the following:

  • All Alarms: A complete list of alarms is displayed here.
  • Active Alarms: This view lists only the active alarms that are not yet cleared.
  • Unsolicited Traps: The unsolicited traps sent by the agents in the managed devices are listed here. These are the traps that are not configured to be processed in OpManager. If you find any of these traps to be critical, you can configure OpManager to process the traps using the information received from the agent. Refer to Creating a Trap Processor for details.
  • EventLog Alarms: This view lists only the alarms that are triggered from Windows event logs as the source.
  • Syslog Alarms: This view lists only the alarms logged via syslog.