Virtual Server Reports

Virtual networks are preferred by companies of all scales as they offer better productivity and are easily scalable. But virtual networks are also prone to performance degradation and faults therefore monitoring them for ideal health and performance is essential.

OpManager supports Citrix Systems, Microsoft and VMware virtual environments containing Hosts and VMs. The monitoring information of these are stored as virtual server reports.

Virtual server reports in OpManager provide monitoring information of only the virtual machines and hosts and gives a comprehensive view of metrics upto a granular level. While there is a set of inbuilt virtual server reports available, users can also create customized virtual reports as per their preferences.

How to create a new virtual server report?

  • Navigate to Reports --> OpManager --> Virtual Servers Report.

  • Click on Create New Virtual Report.
  • Enter a Name and Description.
  • Select the vendor - Citrix Systems, Inc., Microsoft, VMware.
  • Choose the monitor. Eg: CPU Utilization.
  • Choose the required period. (Monitoring information of the specified period will be generated as a report.)
  • Filter the devices based on Group or BusinessView. (The devices cannot be selected individually.)
  • Specify the Business Hour/ Time Window.
  • Click on Create.
  • The report can be accessed under Virtual Servers Report. (Reports--> OpManager-->Virtual Servers Report)