What is Deep Packet Inspection?

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a process to know what is been received and transmitted by a network device. It is the most accurate technique to monitor and analyze the application problems and regulate traffic in best suitable way. With DPI's packet level analysis, it is easy to make decisions on capacity planning and achieve better network performance and management. DPI helps determine the root cause for performance related issues with the complete traffic picture (both network and application) in a single view.

OpManager's Deep Packet Inspection allows you to capture network packets and analyzes packet capture (PCAP) files. The DPI capabilities rely on packet-level analysis to determine whether the network or an application is at fault and react quickly to the issues before they impact users. It gives clear visibility to network administrators about the volumes, application and network performances of application traffic for their enterprise network and helps them to diagnose application performance problems with response time details and drill even further to the root cause of performance degradation issues.

With DPI you can:

  • Pinpoint whether the delay is on the network side or application side comparing NRT vs. ART
  • Pull the list of affected users for slow apps and communicate them in advance
  • Increase application availability and meet SLAs
  • Know who is using your bandwidth and regulate them using traffic shaping
  • Pull reports on historic data and perform forensics