Wireless LAN Controller

WLC or wireless LAN controller is a wireless architecture that manages access points allowing all the devices of an organization to connect to its network.

With OpManager's built-in WLC module, you can now centrally configure Access points monitored by WLCs of multiple vendors. 

Configure WLC Credential

Configuring credentials for a Wireless LAN Controller is similar to that of all other devices in OpManager. You can directly configure it from the Add Wireless LAN Controller page (Settings > Discovery > Add Wireless LAN Controller) or the Device Credentials page (Settings > Discovery > Device Credentials).

Discovering a WLC

To Discover a WLC, make sure SNMP is enabled and its respective credentials are configured. Also, ensure it is properly connected to its Access Points.

  1. Go to SettingsDiscoveryAdd Wireless Lan Controller. Or NetworkWirelessAdd Device.
  2. Enter the Device Name/IP Address of your WLC and choose its corresponding Device Model.
  3. If your device model is not listed in the drop down option, click on the Request here option and fill the corresponding form.
  4. Choose the respective Credentials and click on Add Device to proceed.
  5. After the device is added, a special snapshot page, exclusive to WLC will open. Here you can find information about all the WLC components.
  6. The special snapshot page can be access from NetworkWirelessWLC or by choosing your WLC device from InventoryDevice.

WLC Components:


SSID, Service Set Identifier for short displays a list of all the wireless networks broadcasted by your access points. These wireless networks are authorized by the network administrator. The SSID tab in the Device Snapshot page gives you detailed information on the number of access points and clients associated with the SSID and its usage.

Access points

Wireless Access points or Access point is a networking hardware device that allows other wi-fi devices to connect to a wired network. This section displays a list of Access Points and their respective information. In addition, these access points can be individually discovered in OpManager and monitored for availability and performance. For more information on advanced monitoring of access points and licensing queries, please contact our support team

at opmanager-support@manageengine.com".


Rogue SSID

Rogue SSID refers to the wireless networks that are created without the authorization of the administrator. Eg: wireless hotspot created from mobile devices, Ad Hocs etc. To discover newly created Rogue SSIDs, click on the Discover Rogue SSIDs button.


The number of network devices connected to the SSIDs of your organization's access points are displayed here. This helps in analyzing network usage and in capacity planning. To discover newly created Clients, click on the Discover Clients button under Clients tab in the Device Snapshot page of that particular device.

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