Workflow Execution Logs

Workflow Logs provide the ouput of the executed workflows. It provides the result as well the data of each task that had been included in the workflow.

To view Workflow logs

  • Click on the Workflow tab and select Workflow Logs. Workflow output for each of the associated device is listed along with the executed date & time, the name of task and its severity status and message.

To view individual workflow logs:

  • Navigate to Workflow--> All Workflows
  • A list of workflows will be displayed. 
  • Click on the second icon (View Logs) under the Actions column of a workflow to view the log of that particular workflow.

Each task once executed is logged with its severity for understanding its execution status. Following are the severities in Workflow:

  • Info: Notifies a task has been executed successfully.
  • Error: Notifies a task has been failed.
  • Warning: Notifies that a task cannot be performed. Eg.: A delete file action cannot be performed when the directory does not have the specified file. In such cases, the delete file actions is marked as warning

Exporting workflow logs

Users can export workflow logs in PDF and XLS formats. Follow the steps given below.

  • Navigate to Reports--> System --> Workflow logs.
  • Scroll down to the end. 
  • Click on the icon Export as CSV/ Export as Excel to download the report.

 Import Workflows

This option is used to import the XML file of any workflow from your device to OpManager.

  • Click on Workflow tab.
  • Click Import.
  • Enter the Name.
  • Browse the file to import it.
  • Click Save.

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