Downtime schedulers 

Planned Maintenance of network devices forms an integral part of network administration. You may want to perform a maintenance of specific device types at specific intervals. If such devices are removed from the network, or rebooted, then you will see alarms indicating that the device, or the applications in the device are unavailable. Since the devices are not available when polled for status during the maintenance period, unnecessary alarms are fired. To prevent the devices from being monitored for status during maintenance, you can schedule a maintenance task for such devices.

How to create a downtime schedule:

  • Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Downtime Schedules
  • Click on Add Schedule
  • Provide a name and description for the downtime schedule.
  • Downtime frequency : At what interval / frequency the downtime schedule should run
  • Select the filter and choose the devices that you wish to add under the maintenance schedule
  • Click on save

If you wish to disable the downtime schedule, Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Downtime schedules, click on the downtime schedule and set the status as disable.

Points to remember:

  • You cannot disable a downtime schedule which is currently in running state
  • If a device is added under multiple downtime schedules, chances are that one of the downtime schedules under which the device is specified may still be in running state. Hence, the specific device will continue to remain in downtime.
  • When the parent device is on maintenance, the child devices will not be monitored and their status will be shown as dependent unavailable
  • On Maintenance devices are also considered in the OpManager license count.


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