Network fault management & IT automation

These are the questions asked during Network fault management & IT automation


  • How to monitor a physical server HDD?For monitoring physical server HDD, you can use Disk Utilization monitor (Generic Performance monitor) that is available for windows machine. You may use SNMP or WMI protocol in this case.
  • How to get notifications if any physical Harddisk fails?For getting notification regarding the fault(failure or threshold violation), we have to configure Notification profile for the device with the respective criteria and assign it to the device.
  • Can OpManager automatically disable (or temporarily block) an interface when the interface has a preÄ‘efined condition?This can be done by setting a threshold value for bandwidth utilization monitors. Use NCM actions -> Execute command from Workflow. We need to create a workflow for this and associate the same to the device.
  • How to view unsolicited traps ?Please login to the webclient. Then go to Alarms -> Events -> Click on the filter on the left side and choose Unsolicited Traps. You can see the Unsolicted Traps.
  • For BGP Traps, do we have to load MIBs or is it built-in and should we just enable trap on the device?For traps, you have to configure the device to forward the traps to OpManager server on port 162. In OpManager we can create trap processor to process those traps as alarms.
  • Can we get alerts for services which hang or gets stuck?OpManager can alert you if a service is down. If it is hung, we need to find its status by parsing its logs. It is possible using script monitoring.
  • Will the script run through OpManager?Yes, it will be one of the (script) monitor for a server which is monitored.
  • If you modify thresholds on a device template and want to apply them globally, is it necessary to re-apply the device template?Yes, you should be able to apply that globally from the device template. You may have to select "Save and Associate" and then Associate to the selected device list. Apply and Overwrite would re-write the existing monitor list.
  • What is the "general" key or icon to go back to the previous view? When we drill down in NFA to a specific source or destination in the interface view what should be doen to get back to the previous view without restarting completely at the main screen?There is a small arrow to the left of interface name which takes you to the previous screen.
  • Can you export syslogs on a predefined schedule?Once syslogs are processed, they become alarms. We can have a separate report for syslog alarms and it can be scheduled.
  • Can I add multiple event logs at the same time as a template?Yes, but not as a template, you can add a Rule engine to add multiple Event log associated to multiple devices during the discovery itself or using Quick configuration wizard you can add multiple devices.
  • Is there any way to get alerts when no event is received from a device due to some issue?As of now we dont have direct feature but we can write a script monitor to check if there is any recent alarm/event from a device and get some logic about alerts.
  • How to add notification to a new device, only by select an existing profile?Using Rule Engine option, we can add a notification profile while adding the new device. After the device is added, we can create a new notification rule in the device itself.
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