Simplifying network mapping with OpManager

OpManager's network mapping tool has become a must have tool for network admins managing an organization's IT infrastructure. Today, there are large corporate networks which can span across millions of network devices and spread across a wide geographical region. Network mapping tools offer the capacity to monitor and regulate these networks with an understanding of the structure and operation of these networks.

Network mapping solutions offer information such as the list of devices located on the network, the components they directly communicate with, the different methods of communication that are used, and more.

Automatic Network Mapping

The IT network is forever dynamic; the static network maps often fail to capture the new changes in the network. When a network fault occurs, it becomes impossible to track the affected device or business service using the static network diagrams. With OpManager’s automated network mapping tool, administrators can:

  • Visualize their complete IT infrastructure.
  • Be assured of referring to the most up-to-date network maps, with periodic network scanning.
  • With the network topology mapper tool, construct an easy-to-view network topology map that lets one choose the network’s seed device and preferred network layout type.
  • Share network diagrams across peer groups in no time by exporting to Microsoft Visio.
  • Take control of your network topography and network topology.

Keep an eye on critical business services and custom device groups

It makes sense to group the devices that need special attention under one consolidated view even when they are spread across subnets. That’s exactly what OpManager’s custom maps or Business views section offers. Moreover, with a reliable network mapping solution such as OpManager coupled with its powerful network automation features, you can map business-critical services and monitor branch offices.

OpManager’s custom network mapper feature lets you group the devices based on the need. Further, one can add any background images, draw a live link between devices, and even create a shortcut for a dependent business view in the parent business view. This helps to

  • Proactively identify devices or business services that need immediate attention and start resolving the bottlenecks if any.
  • Organize an enterprise network geographically.
  • Find out not just the problematic device but also where it is located, visually.
  • Create and share application or location specific network diagrams.

Pinpoint network outages and performance degradation at-a-glance

OpManager's network mapper software reflects the latest device and link status with color coded icons in the network maps, acting like a live Visio diagram that lets administrators:

  • Spot any network problems at-a-glimpse.
  • Quickly drill down to the problematic device or to the link from the network maps.
  • Understand the relationship between the parent and the dependent devices.
  • See the intensity of the network issue identified by faithfully reproducing the network layout.
  • Prioritize network faults and start remediation actions.

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