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The role of network monitoring software in modern IT

With the advent of network consolidation and cloud architecture, networks worldwide have evolved to have better resilience. Previously, the main purpose of network monitoring software was to check device uptime and fetch basic performance indicators. While this is still needed, the impetus has shifted towards network forensics, fault identification, root cause analysis, and advanced performance indicators.

Choosing a network monitoring software has become harder. You need a tool that can track network performance while ingesting large data volumes at high velocities from a variety of IT infrastructure. ManageEngine OpManager makes that choice a little easier. Let's see why.

Network Monitor Application

What can OpManager accomplish?


Effortless discovery


Kick-start your monitoring with OpManager's automated discovery and discovery rule engine. OpManager discovers the devices connected to the network and associates the relevant performance monitors for each device with minimal configuration.

Network monitoring software

Extensive monitoring


Go in-depth and monitor the uptime, health, and performance of your IT infrastructure. Track the status of hardware, software, and virtualized components with graphs, reports, and maps.

Network monitoring software for Enterprise

Intelligent detection


Track down faults proactively with multi-level color-coded alarm thresholds to efficiently manage and escalate alarms as notifications. Leverage AI and ML to set hourly alarm thresholds, forecast monitored metrics, and perform capacity planning for system resources.

Network monitoring software- ManageEngine OpManager

Easy resolution


Leverage automation and rules to resolve faults and comply with SLA terms with ease. Craft IT workflows to raise tickets in ITSM solutions automatically, push notifications in third party chat tools, perform first-level troubleshooting, and execute basic tasks.

The best network monitoring software

Network monitoring software for

8 reasons why you should choose OpManager as your network monitoring software

1 Convenient

Deploy and start monitoring within minutes with over 12,500 out-of-the-box device templates and more than 3,000 performance metrics.

2 Versatile

Monitor diverse network components, like network devices, servers, VMs, storage, SDNs, IoT devices, VoIP, and WAN links.

3 Flexible

Integrate with ITSM solutions, communication tools, and other third-party software for seamless IT operations management.

4 Intuitive

OpManager features maps, dashboards, graphs, and over 100 default report templates to help you visualize network performance.

5 Intelligent

Leverage OpManager's AI and ML tools to calculate alert thresholds, forecast monitored metrics, and perform capacity planning.

6 Effortless

OpManager's automated Workflows have over 70 actions you can use to automate and schedule network operations with.

7 Affordable

OpManager has a highly convenient device-based licensing model and delivers better features at lesser prices than the market alternatives.

8 Secure

OpManager is compliant with the GDPR, FIPS, and other data protection standards, ensuring that your data is secured against bad actors.

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FAQs about Network monitoring software

What is network monitoring?


Network monitoring is the process of scrutinizing the health and performance of network devices such as servers, routers, switches, firewalls, printers, and more using a network monitoring software like ManageEngine OpManager.

What is network monitoring software?


Why is it important to use network monitoring software for enterprises?


How does network monitoring software work?


What are the pricing plans available in ManageEngine OpManager?


Can I monitor my network in both Windows and Linux environments?

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