Network/Server Performance Monitoring

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Nov 1st, 2017
11:30AM EDT | US, Mexico, UK & Canada
Duration: 1Hour

In this session, we'll be going over monitoring the availability and performance of all your network devices - like hard disk usage, CPU usage, memory usage etc.,; creating custom monitors - editable device templates, custom WMI monitors etc., ; monitoring performance using scripts - using VB script, power shell, Perl script, Shell script.,; monitoring the files and folders; WAN & VoIP monitoring.


  • Availability & performance monitoring

    Learn how to monitor the availability of network devices that are ping-able or SNMP enabled. Also, to monitor the performance metrics of these devices.

  • Custom monitors

    Learn how to create custom SNMP and WMI monitors.

  • Performance monitoring using scripts

    Learn how to create create scripts to monitor performance metrics that are not available in the OID.

  • File & folder monitoring

    Learn how to monitor the log files and folders based on its content, size, etc.,


  • Name : Suresh
  • Role : Evangelist, ITOM suite, ManageEngine
  • Expertise : ITOM consultation, implementation and training. 
  • Experience : 10 yrs
  • Hobbies : Gadgets, Travelling and Music

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  • Will it monitor an exchange/Office 365 hybrid environment?
  • Is file monitoring only available for Windows?
  • Nutanix runs in a CentOS environment, would it be able to monitor that?
  • What is exactly total traffic for an interface ? Is it the total traffic from the specific point in time until another point in time?
  • How can I know the total amount of traffic through an interface from time 1 to time 2 ? Is there a report?

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