In any network, Windows services are a crucial part of business-facing applications. The ideal performance of these applications is greatly dependent on the smooth functioning of the Windows services. Monitoring Windows services with a potent Windows service monitor like OpManager is essential to prevent application and network downtime.

The Windows service performance monitoring capabilities of OpManager helps remove the burden off an IT admin's shoulders by putting monitoring and troubleshooting tasks on auto-pilot. It helps network administrators foresee performance anomalies and take corrective actions to keep the network health and performance in check.

OpManager: The dynamic Windows Service monitor network admins rely on

OpManager's network monitoring capabilities help you perform Windows service monitoring, eliminating the challenges involved. OpManager offers:

Windows Service monitor: Agentless monitoring tool using WMI

OpManager's Windows service monitoring tool allows you to monitor Windows services either locally or across multiple servers on the network. OpManager supports monitoring Windows services via WMI monitor, and does not require an agent to be installed on each remote machine.

Windows Service monitor: Fault identification and alarm dissemination

OpManager is a tool to monitor services in Windows environment and notifies you instantly when any of your windows services turn dormant. OpManager generates alarms which can be delivered as notifications. Configure notification profiles on OpManager and get the network monitoring alerts delivered to you via e-mail, SMS or through Slack notifications. This swift delivery of fault notifications helps expedite the troubleshooting process and in turn helps minimize downtime.

Windows Services Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine OpManager

Windows Service monitor: Automated troubleshooting with Workflows

OpManager saves you the hassle of manual troubleshooting with its Workflows. Once the faults have been identified, OpManager's Windows service monitoring software helps you automate the troubleshooting process without any manual intervention. You can completely automate actions such as restarting the Windows service or rebooting the server.

Windows Service Monitor - ManageEngine OpManager

Out-of-the-box Windows Service monitoring

In addition to monitoring system level services like HTTP, LDAP, SMTP etc, OpManager's Windows monitoring service supports monitoring of the following Windows Services by default.

Windows Services Monitoring Software - ManageEngine OpManager

Key Windows Services monitored:

OpManager's Windows Services monitor monitors availability and response-time for the following services.

Alerter FTP Net Logon
DHCP Server IAS Print Spooler
Disk Manager Messenger Telephony
Event Log MySQL Telnet

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