ManageEngine ADManager Plus Enterprise Software Now Simplifies Management of Bulk Groups in Microsoft Active Directory

AUSTIN, TX--(February 19, 2009) - ManageEngine, makers of a globally renowned suite of cost effective network, systems & security management software solutions, today announced the release of ADManager Plus version 4.3, enhancing the popular Active Directory management and reporting solution by adding the ability to easily create and modify multiple Active Directory Groups.

Administrators use Active Directory groups to assign network and systems access rights to multiple users simultaneously, as opposed to individually configuring user accounts. Unfortunately, when using native Active Directory tools, configuring groups and assigning various group attributes becomes a complex procedure involving numerous steps. Furthermore, once created, groups need to be maintained to ensure users have access to all appropriate resources as the IT infrastructure evolves, while also guarding against security vulnerabilities that may arise. As the number of groups in the enterprise increases, so too does the management complexity and risk for mistake.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus version 4.3 centralizes and automates much of this work across not just a single group, but now across multiple groups. Through a single, central console, IT administrators can add (from a CSV file) or remove multiple group members, define multiple attributes and configure exchange attributes across multiple groups in the enterprise. ADManager Plus also offers more than 100 reports out-of-the-box, including security reporting, which allows administrators to analyze group permission levels, an important part of network security assessments.

"ADManager Plus has helped us identify the groups and group policy objects that have not been used. We simply have to generate the reports to get all these details," said Ronald Stoffels, Medewerker Server Cluster, Back Office ICT Services. "Moreover I found ADManager Plus to be the best amongst all the other tools I tested."

"The new group management capabilities within ADManager Plus version 4.3 make this application even more valuable to IT administrators in the larger enterprises," said Manikandan Thangaraj, product manager, ADManager Plus. "We'll continue to provide management solutions that simplify and secure the largest computing infrastructures, without requiring customers to spend millions of dollars or take months to install."

ManageEngine ADManager Plus version 4.3 can be downloaded directly from the website A 30-day trial with full functionality is available for evaluation. For further details on the product, customer implementations, pricing and technical support, please visit

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