AdventNet Inc., Spearheads Expansion Strategy into Japan By Establishing AdventNet KK

Pleasanton, CA., Feb. 11, 2002

AdventNet, Inc., the leading management infrastructure solutions provider announced the establishment of AdventNet KK, a wholly owned subsidiary in Japan. AdventNet's decision to establish the subsidiary is driven by the need to address the distinctive requirements of its customers and success of its operations in Japan since June 2001. With this initiative, AdventNet reiterates its commitment to provide world-class products and customer support with highly trained engineers and business managers who excel in localized technology standards and business protocols.

Yoshihito Yamashita heads the Japanese subsidiary as President. Yoshihito's responsibilities include leading the sales initiatives, expanding product visibility, building channel partners, and organizing sales to meet the growing business in Japan. "Yoshihito is an industry veteran in network management and communication software and has a proven track record with highly successful organizations", said Kumar Padmini, VP of Worldwide Marketing and Sales at AdventNet. "He will be a valuable asset for us and we welcome him to our management team".

Mr. Yamashita has 22 years of experience in the network management industry having previously worked for Japan Unisys (formerly Univac) and then for NKK, where he worked on a joint project with NetLabs in the United States. Prior to joining AdventNet, he helped establish NK-EXA, the network management subsidiary of NKK into a prominent player in Japan. He also worked for ISO and ITU in network and transport layers and network management.

"As the corporate market continues to grow in Japan, there will be an increasing demand for solutions for managing and monitoring IT infrastructures. "AdventNet is well positioned to provide these solutions, which increase productivity and time to market with world class customer support", said Yoshihito Yamashita, President of AdventNet KK. "I look forward to the challenge of leading AdventNet KK in the Asia Pacific market".

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AdventNet, the Management Infrastructure Company, is a successful software vendor offering two major lines of management software for the IT and telecom sectors. In the IT sector (enterprises, EAI middleware, J2EE application server and other software vendors), it offers a suite of productivity-enhancing software for end-to-end testing, instrumentation and management of applications. In the telecom sector (networking/telecom equipment vendors, service providers and MSPs), it offers massively scalable, carrier-grade management application server software for provisioning and management of networking infrastructure and applications. As a result of being highly customer focused, AdventNet has a worldwide customer base of leading EAI middleware, J2EE application server and other application vendors, telecom equipment vendors, enterprises, service providers, and systems integrators. AdventNet products provide ease of use, reliability, and extensive customizability powering solutions in many market segments that include applications management, optical networking, broadband access, storage management, web hosting, and managed services. AdventNet enables superior solutions with rapid time to market advantages. AdventNet is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, China and Japan. It has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers world-wide.

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