AdventNet Announces Release of ManageEngine Applications Manager 5

Pleasanton, California, July 2, 2003

AdventNet Inc., the leading provider of standards-based management software for applications and networks, today announced the release of ManageEngine Applications Manager 5, which proactively monitors and manages the health of business-specific and mission-critical Java and J2EE applications using standards-based technologies, such as JMX. The console monitors all components and an application deployed on the BEA WebLogic server, such as Web servers, servlets, JSPs, EJBs, databases, and presents them in intuitive dashboards and graphs. Applications Manager spans across the entire e-business infrastructure to optimize applications and maximize availability.

The new release features the ability to view user-defined metrics by generating custom consoles and dashboards to display information on the users’ preference. Detailed monitoring to ensure maximum uptime and availability of the Web application and application server is provided to ensure a positive experience for the end-user. Additional features include enhanced performance, scalability, and high interoperability with existing IT resources. Its end-to-end transaction management from the application components and platforms to the back-end databases gives customers complete control of all applications and transactions. The latest version is a cost-effective solution, which allows small businesses and larger corporations to achieve optimal operational efficiencies in their middleware infrastructure. With several application management vendors competing in the market, AdventNet’s ManageEngine Applications Manager offers the advantage of a complete solution with multiple features at value-based pricing that is unmatched by any other vendor in the industry.

"ManageEngine Applications Manager provides proactive visibility across all applications and supporting infrastructure in order to detect performance bottlenecks before they impact the quality of the end-user experience", said Kumar Vembu, President, Enterprise Management at AdventNet. "We provide this unique solution at a lower price-point to reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers".

The ManageEngine Applications Manager 5 is available for download at

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