AdventNet Releases AutoTest Toolkit, A Comprehensive Cross-Platform Tool With A Compelling Business Value Proposition For Automating Java and J2EE Application Testing

Pleasanton, CA, January 11, 2001

AdventNet Inc., a leading provider of software products for end-to-end instrumentation and management of applications, announced the immediate availability of its AutoTest Toolkit, a comprehensive cross-platform tool built ground-up to test web and other Java or J2EE applications.

With the rapid increase in web, ebusiness and other Java (including J2EE) applications, software organizations around the world constantly strive for increased quality through daily builds, automated testing, and other best practices. Recognizing the paucity of good tools built specifically to serve this critical need, AdventNet is delivering an innovative product for automated testing of large-scale Java applications.

The AutoTest Toolkit is a key product in AdventNet's "Test, Instrument and Manage" suite of products supporting every phase of application development and management. Unlike many of the products currently in the market which have been retrofitted from legacy versions, the AutoTest Toolkit has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of today's web, ebusiness and other applications. Further, the product is implemented in Java itself, thus optimizing it for testing Java applications, including J2EE applications.

The intervention-less AutoTest Toolkit is highly flexible and scalable, and can be used end-to-end from individual unit testing to complete system testing. The test engine is highly customizable and extensible and supports all key types of testing such as Java API, application configuration, functionality, performance (capability, residence and response time, resource usage etc.), stability, load and regression testing.

The AutoTest Toolkit includes web-based intuitive test case definition tools that support the entire product lifecycle needs with environment independent test cases. Among these tools are a Test Case Editor Wizard (for defining and maintaining test plans), a Test Case Generation Tool for API Testing and a Sequencer. Other key features include customizable Test Case Identifiers (to keep the test plans modular and focused), Preamble (Test Setup), State Observer, Monitor, Verification and Cleanup interfaces. The test cases can be maintained in any version control system.

The AutoTest Toolkit also includes strong reporting functionality for full and convenient access to information on test runs. The comprehensive reports include Validation Reports (with test results, test case severity and remarks), the Health Meter (a summary Validation Report with links to failed test cases making it easy to review failures), Comparison Reports that help compare reports on different platforms and/or different builds and Performance Reports and Charts (with response times, resident times, resource utilization, capability measurements etc.).

"Our clear focus has been on delivering superior business value to our customer community through significant reductions in Total Cost of Ownership, enhanced testing productivity, and outstanding support. The product has demonstrated upwards of 75% testing productivity improvements in large-scale environments. AdventNet is also well-known for solid support throughout the entire product lifecycle", said Sekar Vembu, Vice President of Product Strategy and Management at AdventNet.

"The AdventNet AutoTest Toolkit places special emphasis on simplicity, ease of use and strong reporting functionality. We also strongly believe in giving our customers the opportunity to 'try before they buy'. Hence all our products are available for download in their entirety at our website", added Vembu.

About AdventNet

AdventNet, the Management Infrastructure Company, is a successful software vendor offering two major lines of management software for the IT and telecom sectors. In the IT sector (comprising enterprises, EAI middleware, J2EE application server and other software vendors), it offers a suite of productivity-enhancing software for end-to-end testing, instrumentation and management of applications. In the telecom sector (comprising networking/telecom equipment vendors, service providers and MSPs), it offers massively scalable, carrier-grade management application server software for provisioning and management of networking infrastructure and applications. As a result of being highly customer focused, AdventNet has a worldwide customer base of leading EAI middleware, J2EE application server and other application vendors, telecom equipment vendors, enterprises, service providers, and systems integrators. AdventNet products provide ease of use, reliability, and extensive customizability powering solutions in many market segments that include applications management, optical networking, broadband access, storage management, web hosting, and managed services. AdventNet enables superior solutions with rapid time to market advantages. AdventNet corporate office is located at Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, China and Japan. It has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers world-wide.

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