AdventNet Releases Free Edition of NetFlow Analyzer for Bandwidth Monitoring using Cisco NetFlow

Pleasanton, California, November 9, 2005

AdventNet today announced the release of a Free Edition of NetFlow Analyzer, its popular bandwidth monitoring software that uses Cisco NetFlow. This new release is especially appealing to small and medium enterprises, which need to account for bandwidth usage across a comparatively smaller network. The Free Edition can analyze, and report on NetFlow data collected from a maximum of 2 interfaces. Apart from this, the Free Edition offers all the features of the Professional Edition and can be downloaded directly from:

NetFlow Analyzer collects and analyzes NetFlow data exported from Cisco routers and switches. This data is then used to generate intuitive reports on top hosts, top applications, top protocols, top conversations, and more. Custom reports allow operators to see bandwidth usage details across interfaces and IP addresses. NetFlow Analyzer also includes options to view bandwidth usage per application, and per department, based on IP address ranges, and port – protocol combinations.

The latest release of NetFlow Analyzer – 4.0.2 – includes reports on autonomous systems (AS), and support for NetFlow version 7. NetFlow Analyzer is also localized in Chinese and Japanese with support for more languages expected shortly.

"We use NetFlow on a daily basis to provide visibility on traffic patterns within our firewalled perimeter. It is used both as a fault-finding tool, and a management tool to provide forecasting and monitoring facilities of our existing and future traffic requirements. NetFlow Analyzer's standard interface reports and custom reports are very helpful for us to determine network problems," said Garry Crothers, Network Engineer at Queen’s University of Belfast, Ireland.

"Independent of size, the bandwidth monitoring needs of small enterprises are very similar to that of their larger counterparts. Most small businesses should find the new Free Edition suitable for their current bandwidth monitoring needs, " said Raghunandhan Ramanujam, Product Manager of NetFlow Analyzer at AdventNet.Inc. "As their infrastructure expands over time, they have the option of upgrading to the Professional Edition without losing data", he added.

The Free Edition of NetFlow Analyzer can be downloaded directly for Windows and Linux from

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